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The Official Publication Of The Memphis Black Writers Conference & Southern Film Festival



Lawrence Wayne greets special guest co-host Angela Marie inside Isaac Hayes Reloaded Music*Food*Passion at the 10th Annual Memphis Black Writers Conference & Southern Film Festival. Angela Marie received the 2006 Best Young Thespian Advocate award for her commitment to pursuing her writing career with enthusiasm, creativity and integrity.


Currently, Angela Marie is also developing The Diva & The Princess where her 14-year-old mentee, Alexandra Rose Rieger (“Akeelah and the Bee”), will co-star in the film. In Angela's leisure time, she enjoys studying the bible, writing for engineering magazines, kayaking, rollerblading and competing in badminton with her husband Arthur.


Angela is endorsed by some Hollywood insiders:


“I have known Angela for almost 3 years and have always been impressed with her enthusiasm and integrity... For someone so young, Angela has a solid grasp on professionalism and conducts herself with the confidence that many lack. It is rare to watch someone pursue her writing career with nothing short of total faith and determination.”


-- Leeza Gibbons


Lawrence Wayne with the Tempation-like sounds of COMPOZITIONZ from Jackson, MS who were the entertainment at Isaac Hayes Music*Food* Passion during the 2006 Memphis Black Writers Conference. COMPOZITOPNZ members consists of  Zion, Jericho, D-Lew, Bishop and Diesel.


The group turned the place out and even cooks and the kitchen staff came upfront to see who was rocking the place. They are GREAT entertainment.


You can book COMPOZITIONZ @


Peggy Hicks, Publicist

815-394-3904 office 815-394-4814 fx 




The 2006 Memphis Black Writers Conference & Southern Film Festival honored Gregory Keith Morris of Charlotte, NC with the prestigious '2006 Memphis BWC Best Book to Film Award.'

Mr. Morris's book, 'HNIC', is an excellent weaved mystery that takes place in the New South with a backdrop of big business where the Old Southern Comfort and the New Breed South meet conflicting roles.

"Chuck Harris is Charlotte's own black "Mr. Wonderful" created by the city's elite to enhance its New South image. He is given money, title, and special privileges. He wants it all and will sacrifice friend, family, and foe or anything that gets in his way. Outrage abounds from the boardroom to the bedroom in Charlotte and Chuck Harris would not have it any other way."

"Enter Michael Johnson, a young news reporter, fresh from Washington, D.C. and working for Charlotte's only black-owned newspaper. Little did he know that he would find the story of his career, and maybe a Pulitzer, when he investigates the sordid details of the life of Mr. Chuck Harris."

HNIC will leave you breathless at every turn and the ending is very unpredictable. It is a race to the finish and you will not be disappointed.

Gregory Morris also won the 2003 Black Book Achievement Award by Khalifah's Bookstore & Association in Harlem, NY Contact the author @ 3TG Press POB 25521 Charlotte, NC 28229-5521 704-568-5828 www.utinet/my/tgpress3


Live @ 9 hosts Alex Coleman and April Thompson, welcome Special guests: Vincent Alexandria, Award winning novelist, and Children’s author, Stephanie Mara Dawson to the show to promote the 10th Annual Memphis Black Writers Conference & Southern Film Festival.

Vincent is founder and president of the Brother 2 Brother Literary Symposium and X-L Publishing. Ms. Dawson is author of two books for children and teens, The Best Recess Ever and Victory.

Both Vincent and Stephanie came to the Memphis Black Writers Conference with a working spirit by rolling up their sleeves to help with panels and booksignings at the historic Peabody Hotel.

My best wishes to you both!


Contact: Stephanie Mara Dawson

Book Nook Productions POB 101

Richmnod, TX 77406




For More on 2006 Memphis BWC: CLICK HERE!


Photo copyright Lawrence Wayne